About us

Tune In Psychedelics offers easy to use psychedelic dosage tracking so psychonauts and clinical researchers can better understand how psychedelics aid in the mental health crisis. Our team has developed this app so users can track every aspect of their psychedelic experience. We are bringing harm-reduction and safe use practices to every user’s fingertips. We hope to create a safer and more widely accepted society around psychedelics.

Our Vision

Connecting people with psychedelics and their emotions.

The initial goal behind Tune In Psychedelics was to build a platform that enabled the safe use of psychedelics for mental health improvement as well as a convenient way to track dosing and health. Eventually this evolved into the clinical trial world with a goal of assisting in the research of psychedelics and mental health.

Our Mission

Easy. Safe. Reliable dose tracking.

With the stigma surrounding not only psychedelics but mental health as a whole, it can be hard to find information and resources about psychedelics. We made it our mission to create an easy-to-use platform filled with useful and accurate information and a connection to the latest science.