Empowering you to reach your mental health goals.

Tune In Psychedelics provides you with the tools to track your microdoses effectively and safely, enabling you to make the most out of your efforts. Create an account to access your data on multiple devices or track your data anonymously.

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Track your progress with built in analytics.

Tune In Psychedelics provides you with evidence-based analytics to get the most out of your psychedelic use.  Through the use of our analytic resource and harm reduction information you can be sure you’re staying safe and effective.

Harm Reduction

Stay safe with our harm reduction information.

Built in harm reduction information from reliable, evidence-based sources on almost 100 different popular substances, including dosing amounts, duration of substances, and toxicities. Tune In Psychedelics enables you to make the most of your dosing in a safe and science-based environment. 

Harm Reduction Information

Built in safety information including: dosage, substance duration, and possible risks.


Follow trends in your mood and overall mental health.

Tracking & Progress

Work towards your goals with the built in progress tracking.

News Articles

Stay up to date with the constantly changing Psychedelics industry with breaking news and articles from our media partners.


Listen to Podcasts from industry professionals, Medical providers, and entertainers.


Expand your knowledge with Webinars and online courses

Psychedelic Community

A community of psychonauts trying to get the most out of psychedelics.

The future of psychedelic’s looks bright, with promise showing in numerous mental health areas. Tune In Psychedelics makes safety and analytics available to psychonauts looking to take proactive steps in the personal mental health journey.

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